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The mission of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship (BPF), founded in 1978, is to serve as a catalyst for
socially engaged Buddhism. Our purpose is to help beings liberate themselves from the suffering

that manifests in individuals, relationships, institutions, and social systems. BPF's programs, publications,
and practice groups link Buddhist teachings of wisdom and compassion with progressive social change.

     We strive to:

  • Offer a public witness, through our practice, for peace and protection of all beings
  • Raise humanitarian, environmental, and social justice concerns among Buddhist communities
  • Bring a Buddhist perspective to contemporary peace, environmental, and social justice movements

               Our practice of contemplation and social action is guided by our intentions to:

Recognize the interdependence of all beings
Meet suffering directly and with compassion
Appreciate the importance of not clinging to views and outcomes
Work with Buddhists from all traditions
Connect individual and social transformation
Practice nonviolence
Use participatory decision-making techniques
Protect and extend human rights
Support gender and racial equality, and challenge all forms of unjust discrimination
Work for economic justice and the end of poverty
Work for a sustainable environment



The Humboldt Buddhist Peace Fellowship